Reel Horror Fest

The Not So Bright Vampire

The brief tale of a not so bright but curious Vampire and his sudden awareness to pain.






Revenge Of The Slasher

There are simple rules to survive a horror movie. What happens when the faithful virgin decides she wants to break every single one? What happens when the slasher becomes the star of the film instead? In this incredibly low budget horror satire we see what really happens when all the rules are broken.





In 2184, a dispute between a couple degenerates after more than 8 hours drive on a desert planet. A black science-fiction comedy where the motto is: "In space, nobody hears you complain".






The Death Cleaners

True crime scene cleaners come across something sinister. 



A disturbing cloud takes shape somewhere in the west. It slowly goes toward the center of the country, throwing the population on the roads. In view of the inexorable arrival of the cloud, it is the global panic. This cumulus is acid.




Noctambulos (Night Owls)

In the middle of the night, a group of teenagers practice skateboarding without notice that somebody is watching them from the shadows. One of the girls separates from the group to return home through the lonely streets of the city and someone follows her.






Beneath: A Cave Horror Film

When a group of cavern tour guides hear an old tale of a sacrificial cult performing rituals in the cave, they sneak down into the restricted areas to find out more. 






The Son, the Father

The events on a young boy's birthday have twisted consequences far into his future.







Tea Time With Friends

What appears to be a pleasant stuffed-animal Tea Party quickly reveals itself to be deadly bloodbath, brought on by two stuffed-animal masterminds; Thomas and Penny.



Atomic Spot

Left for dead after the A307 plane crash on their nuclear plant, the workers of a small coastal city have undergone a series of mutations. They formed a small amphibious community among the radioactive ruins. But they failed to reproduce their species. The last survivor, Cotis, is crushed by loneliness… Until a group of dumb surfers lands on the beach.

Escape From Planet Zero

In 2099 the Earth is now in ruins. Corruption, chaos and climatic degradation do not give hope to humanity. The only way out is the "Planet Zero" where all the men hope for a second chance.








Two sibling's search for their missing sister takes a dark turn as they encounter local law enforcement. 








The Last Call

Today is legendary radio DJ Harry Cunningham's final day working at WHUD FM radio before he makes the transition to XM. He came into work expecting to just do a clip show, takes some calls, and say his goodbyes. However, when a strange caller demands he unearth a dark secret live over the radio, Harry refuses. One by one everyone in the station is being picked off by this strange caller who only has one the tape or DIE. 







Daniella and her son Aiden are on the run to escape their past. When they move into what they think is a safe house - in the countryside of Hungary - mysterious things start to happen.






The After Party

Meet Skye Monroe. Reality Show Star. Social Media Queen. And blissfully unaware of how self-centered she is. The red carpets Skye casually steps on with her Jimmy Choo's, could be said to represent the spilled blood of those she walked on to get where she is today. In Skye's mind a party just is not a party without the Monroe touch. And as long as she is game, the party never ends. Skye drinks what she wants. Snorts what she wants and takes who she wants. With every deplorable act Skye does, she believes it makes her more powerful. Someone like Skye doesn't really have friends, but followers - tagging along for every moment of her life thanks to her endless streams of posts covering everything from her morning workout to her exciting night on the town. But for women like Skye, who ultimately are addicted to themselves, there does come a judgement day. And we're not talking the amount of likes on her latest Instagram post. Tonight, Skye will be put on trial for her deeds. Her courtroom is a little dive bar tucked away in the corner of any urban decay, appropriately called, 'The After Party.' Her jury will be four sophisticated women shooting a game of billiards.



An amateur ghost hunter gets more than he bargained for while investigating a house that was recently the site of a grisly murder.






Idee Fixe

After a mysterious incident, Sam goes desperately in the search of Laura, following the lead of the person who took her away from him. In the process, Sam would find himself in the line between hero and villain in a place where nothing is what it looks like and perspective is the only thing that separates salvation from obsession.






Mr. No Face

A man who misses his train one night encounters a mysterious figure which leads to an evening of terror! 









A woman summits a demon, as an intruder enters her home.



A new app just arrived on phones, Its goal? To communicate with a spirit by using the live cam. 








They can't escape my love. I see all. I know what they need. You can stop me only when my work is done.







Necro Sexual

Amy (Kansas Bowling) has an addiction to necrophilia.








A Horror-Comedy Short showing why you should never piss off the spirit world.







The Corner

As far as babysitting jobs went, this one was about as routine as it gets. The kids were fed, the teeth were brushed, the bedtime stories were read, and the “Just five more minutes??” requests were hushed. But when Joli finally sat down for some quiet time in front of the television things didn’t get dull… they got deadly. THE CORNER... because you never know what you'll find in someone's house, and sometimes, neither do they! THE CORNER... because sometimes the only safe place to back yourself into is exactly where you don't want to be!! THE CORNER... because sometimes, just sometimes, home is where the horror is!!!


It Happened On Orchard Street

Mild-mannered Walter returns home with blood on his hands... literally.








The story follows Penny, a troubled runaway, who is picked up hitchhiking by a group of friends on a camping trip. But after trekking deep into the forest, Penny soon realizes this group is not seeking the ideal camping spot after all, but something much more sinister. Now it's an epic fight for survival, as Penny pulls out all punches to be the last one standing.






Vincent Forrester's biological computer prototype could change the world, but when a virus in the system infects his lab assistant, Abi, it could mean his death.






Letters To A Killer

A killer begins to receive letters from an unknown source and decides to kill the young adults of Mirthless, PA.